What is Affiliate Marketing? | How to make money from affiliate marketing?

Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing? How to make money from affiliate marketing?

Affiliate Marketing Tutorial – If you run a blog and website or you have a YouTube channel, affiliate marketing can prove to be the best medium for your online income. As such, we have many ways to earn money from blogs and online income from YouTube. Of these, Google adsense is the best. However, earning affiliate marketing today is one of the most profitable ways we can generate income and blogger one and a half.So, what is affiliate marketing? How to get started with affiliate marketing, how much money you can make and how to earn money through affiliate marketing, we will know the answers to each of these questions below.Before I begin, I want to tell you one thing. You will need a “blog”, “YouTube channel” or “website” to earn or earn through affiliate marketing.Hey, you can do affiliate marketing on facebook page or any social media page. But, it will not be much more effective or profitable.So let’s go, now we know all about affiliate marketing. 

What is Affiliate Marketing? What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a way or means by which we can buy a digital product of any online company, physical product of an online store, or anything that is available to buy online, on our website, blog, social media page or YouTube channel. Through “Promote”And, as long as people buy that promoted product through the link you provided, or buy another product through the promoted link on the official website of PRODUCT, you are paid some commission to sell the product.The amount of income earned by the commission may vary from one product to another. The amount of the commission or how much money you will be commissioned, “will be determined by the online website company as an affiliate of which you are promoting or sharing the product of the online website. In the meantime, all of you are already told in detail.So, to put it simply – “Affiliate marketing is a marketing medium where you are interested in buying any other product or product online. And, when anyone buys your promoted product, you are paid some commission.You can sell them on any digital product like “domain”, “hosting”, “wordpress theme”, “online software” and marketing them on your blog or website. Beyond that, the most common method of affiliate marketing is that you have to register as an affiliate marketer on any online shopping website on the Internet.Then, you can earn money on any of the items on the shopping website, such as “Mobile”, “TV”, “Clothes”, books, software or anything affiliate link to the Promot or Share Core.

As an example,

Not long ago, I purchased a smartphone from an online shopping website. Then, knowing all about that mobile, I wrote an article on my blog on it and said all about mobile.At the end of the article, I have given an affiliate link of the mobile. So, those who have the mind to buy that mobile can buy that phone through my shared affiliate link.Those who wanted to buy the mobile could not easily buy it from the link I gave online and, by purchasing from the affiliate link I provided, I could earn some commission money. That way, you can earn money by promoting anything through affiliate links. If your blog is getting a lot of traffic or, your YouTube channel has a lot of views, then you can not imagine how much money this affiliate marketing can earn you. You can earn unlimited money by selling anything online.

How to start marketing in Affilia? (How to start affiliate marketing?)

Below I will say 3 straight points or steps that you can start working on marketing at Affilia.

1.    First of all, you have to have a blog, youtube channel, facebook page or other social media page. Because, the most important audience for marketing a product is the audience to whom you will share or marketing the product. And, these 5 ways to market anything online are great.

2. Now if you have a blog, youtube channel or facebook page, any of these, you should now join a good “Affiliate Program”. After joining any online affiliate program you can promote or share their content or product.

3. Now after joining the affiliate network or affiliate program, you have to decide how you want to share content or product with people.

4.You will be given an affiliate link in exchange for your product or product you have survived. This, through the affiliate link, people will be able to come to your share or promoted product page. And, that’s where they can buy the product directly.

5.You can then share the affiliate link of the product with your blog, youtube channel, facebook page or any other share with people.

6. Now, if anyone buys that product on the Affiliate link of your shared product, you will receive money from the affiliate network as a commission. 

How much money can be earned by affiliate marketing?

Frankly, how much money you earn through affiliate marketing is entirely up to you. Today, people are only earning millions of commissions through this month, and so you can easily earn thousands if you try. But, you must spend some time to understand this affiliate marketing game. Through this you can earn a considerable amount of money. But, you have to be an expert in some places.You have a blog or youtube channel and you write a tutorial article on blogging or upload it to a video channel. As such, you write articles related to blogging or upload videos to your YouTube channel, so most visitors to your blog or channel will be interested in buying web hosting and domain.Now, all you have to do is go to a good domain and hosting company to register yourself as an affiliate and promote their product on your YouTube channel or blog article through affiliate links and ask your visitors to buy one and a half of those products. You can reduce your purchase by 5% to 20%. 

Revenue from affiliate marketing depends entirely,

1.  You are marketing how expensive things are.

2.  How much money you are being paid as a commission for each sale?

3.  How many product affiliate links have you sold?

4.  Whether the product you are marketing needs or not.Your affiliate income will depend on these things.

A little difficult, but once you catch up with this online business you will be able to earn so much money that you cannot even imagine. This is an online business. There are many products online that you can sell to people by telling them about it. Sell ​​the product to others and take the commission.

How to raise the money you earn?

You can easily withdraw your income from your affiliate bank account through the affiliate program. You will be given the correct options for giving a bank account.

Our last words,

So guys, hopefully what is affiliate marketing? How to get started How much money can you earn? And, I have been able to explain to you all how to earn by affiliate marketing. If you have any questions, please comment below us, we will answer. Beyond that, if you like our Affiliate Marketing Tutorial, then of course share it with your friends. Thanks.

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What is email marketing?

What is email marketing or How it happen?

Before you know about email marketing, you need to first know what marketing is. Marketing means promoting or trying to sell your business, product or service through various means, methods or processes.Now, the process of marketing that product, offer, business or service promotion, promotion or marketing we do via e-mail is called “email marketing”. Either. And, digital marketing or internet marketing is one of the most popular mediums.We usually use email for promotion or marketing. Just like how we send an email to someone. But, at this point we only send one mail to one – to – one. However, through email marketing, we send an email to many people at once.In it, you can simultaneously promote your product, business or service to thousands of people simultaneously through an email. You can also call this process email broadcasting.Email bloggers or small businessmen like us do not pay any attention to email marketing. And, I think this is a lot of our borough wrong.Because, through this we can get many Blog Reader / Visitor or Customer for our own business that we are not getting.However, there are many blogs, websites or companies on the Internet that are aroundEveryone is using this medium of email marketing to promote or promote their business, product or online service.They are benefiting greatly.

Some of the benefits of email marketing:

1. By email marketing, most new customers are available through the internet.2. This medium can bring in thousands of visitors or traffic for blogs and websites.3. Email marketing by sending just one email can inform people at home about any new video, blog article, product or business.4. This medium is much cheaper and less expensive than other digital marketing mediums. You can use this medium for free using some free email marketing tools.5. Email marketing is very straightforward and there is a lot to gain from it.

How do email marketing?

First of all, I want to give you an example of how to do email marketing.Suppose you have a new product or service in the market and you want to inform or market it to people. Beyond that, you want to market your new offer or benefit of a product.You just need to inform people about your product or service via email. And, if they are interested then they will definitely buy or be interested in your product or service.You just need to write in the mail about your own offer, business or service, just like the email we write. Write the mail so that people can understand the subject of your email later. Finally, if the email is written, thousands of people will have to send in the email id.Email marketing lets you promote your new business, business offer, product or service to thousands of people in just minutes.In this, how many thousands of people will be attracted to your product or offer? And, if you are marketing your blog article or youtube video by email, will 3 out of the thousands come to read your article or watch the video?

Rules for Email Marketing:

Hey, email marketing means sending your own custom email to another email id. However, you cannot use services like Gmail, Yahoo or outlook for marketing.Because, you can only send a certain number of emails from Gmail or another free email account.And, it could also be that your email account can be blocked by Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook because of the suspicion of email spamming for sending email to thousands of people at once.You have to use some email marketing tools or website.There are many email marketing tools on the Internet that you can use to send marketing emails to thousands of people at once. Among the tools –

  • FeedBurner 
  • Mailchimp 
  • SendPress (ওয়ার্ডপ্রেস প্লাগিন)
  • Drip 
  • MailerLite 

These are free and best. If you search on google you will find many free email marketing tools and websites.There are basically two rules for email marketing.

One, free and one paid.

Email Marketing for Free:

The most important thing in email marketing is, email list or email contacts. That is, you must first submit the email id of the person to whom you send the email. A list of many email IDs that are stored in a single cell is called an email list or mailing list. And, for email marketing, you have to submit the email id of many people first. Then, you can send them an email.Then, you can submit your email list or contacts one by one for free through your blog or website If you have a blog or website, you can ask people to join your email list through the “Blog subscription” option or the “newsletter” option.Now, as soon as people give their names and email IDs and add themselves to my email list, they’ll get all my blog articles or blog posts via email. Beyond that, whatever email I want to send to them, they get it in their own mail.That way, I get a lot of people’s email IDs for free. Then, whenever you want them, you can market your product, product, service, article or video via email.This is how all the small borough companies collect email from thousands of people through their own website or blog through newsletter / email list.Beyond that, you need to have a business email id for email marketing. For example, our business email id is “updates@banglatech.info”. You need to have an ID where you can send people mail.Paid email marketing:I wouldn’t say too much about paid honey. Because, in paid marketing you have to buy thousands of email contacts from some websites or online tools. You can buy a lot of people’s email ID without spending some money.So, what is email marketing? How do you do it now that you understand better?That’s all you have to do


  1. Register for some free email marketing tools or websites.
  2. It’s important to have a business email id yourself.

Then finally, by using email marketing tools, sending an email to a subscriber or email contacts on your email list, promoting or marketing your product, blog, offer or business.Our last words:Hope you like our email marketing tutorial. If you have any questions or solutions, be sure to comment below. Finally, thank you for sharing this article.

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What is Affiliate Program or Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliation program is basically the process of selling a product or service for another company. That is, affiliate marketing refers to getting a commission for the sale of a company’s product or service.

What is CPA Marketing?

CPA (Cost Per Acquisition or Cost Per Action) is an advertising method. CPA marketing is just part of the affiliate program. CPA Marketing is one of the simplest ways of earning online. Because, you do not have to sell a product here. The commission will receive in exchange for generating leads for the company.Simply put, you bring a customer to sell my company’s products. You will be paid a commission in exchange for every customer I receive through you. If he does not buy the customer product, you will still be commissioned.

What does action mean?

  • Buying any offers
  • Downloading games or something
  • Signing up on a site
  • Open an account for a game online
  • Downloading game
  • Provide email id
  • Subscribed
  • Even giving your post code on a site is an action.

How does CPA marketing work?

You do not need to invest in CPA marketing. You will be commissioned to create leads only by marketing the company. For example, if someone completes a form through you, you will be paid a certain amount of commission to complete the form. Or if you download a game from my company or create an account to play the game, you get a commission. And that is why CPA marketing is the most popular and easy way to earn.Some of the topics discussed in CPA MarketingAdvertiser:

Advertisers advertise products or services through various CPA networks. He may be a retailer, online retailer or merchant.Publisher or MarketerPublisher promotes a product or service for the Commission. Simply put, you are the publisher or marketer.PPL (Pay-Per-Lead)Simply put, you will be paid for each lead. Well, you selected a CPA offer, promoted it on your site, entered a link through an affiliate site and registered an advertiser site, thus creating a lead. You will be paid a commission for this one lead.PPC (Pay-Per-Click)This is the commission or fixed amount that is paid to the publisher for every click on the product banner or link on the site.

For whom CPA marketing: Who has minimal knowledge of the Internet• Who wants to earn from online• One who can spend 3 to 5 hours on the computer• Be patient who knows how to act• People who are not disappointed in the least
What is required to do CPA marketing:

• You must have a website. But don’t worry, you can create your own web site using the free domain.

• You need to have a pay-per-click understanding of CPA marketing.

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