5 Free apps | 5 Android apps for video calling from android mobile

Android apps

5 free apps for video calling from android mobile

5 Free apps | 5 Android apps for android

Today, the Internet and digital technology have brought us many advanced cores long ago. Because 4-7 years ago, making a simple voice call on mobile was a big plus for us. But now, when we are happy, we can talk to our dear friends, girlfriends or people from anywhere in the world through video calling.And, in today’s era, making free video calls from mobile has been as easy as “Internet” and some “free video calling apps”. So, if you still do not know how to make video calls from mobile, then the rules are very straightforward and free.If you have a smartphone and use the Internet on a mobile phone, I will talk about the following 5 apps, one of which is installed on mobile, you can make video call from your mobile to another person. .You can’t spend a penny while video chatting. However, remember that when making video calls, you need to have an internet pack or data pack on your mobile.So, let’s know which 3 apps are best for making free video calling from Android mobile.

5 Best Android Apps for Making Free Video Calls on Mobile

Friends, you will find many video calling apps for Android mobile. But, I’ll just talk about the 5 best apps below that most people use. These 3 apps will give you good video quality even on slow internet connection.

Best video calling apps for android

5 Free apps | 5 Android apps for android

All of the apps I talk about, you can find for free on the google play store. In the meantime, I will provide the download link of each app below. Remember, the app you use to make a video call will be installed on the mobile phone of the person you are calling. And, both mobiles must have internet connection enabled.

As an example, if I wanted to make a video call on your mobile, you and I would need to have the same video calling app installed. And, the internet must be enabled on both mobiles.

1.  WhatsApp Messenger-WhatsApp doesn’t know messenger. Today everyone who has an android mobile but whatsapp messenger is installed.However, many of them did not know that “WhatsApp Messenger” also made free video calls.Hey, you can make video calls to anyone you want with your whatsapp contacts. For that, all you have to do is tap the “Video call icon” at the top of the chat box.


If, the person you call Jake is online, he or she will be able to receive the expectation call from you. Then, both will be able to speak via live video call. The process of making video calls through WhatsApp Messenger is straightforward.1. Install Whatsapp 2. Save your contacts by going to the Chats option.3. Click on the video call icon to call.

2.Google Duo – HD video calling app Google Duo is just a video call app. This app is made by Google and Google Doo is very popular for HD calling. The Google Duo App lets you use it on smartphones, tablets and computers. Not just calling, you can send it to video recorder anytime as video message (sms).Google duo is a much simpler and simpler way for face to face video chatting.

Google Duo
Google Duo

The rules for using the Google duo are very simple.
Install the app. With Google Duo Mobile open, you can see the contacts one and a half using other Google Duo. Now, click on the contact you want to video chat with or tap. The video call will start. It is also possible to make only voice calls.

3.IMO – FREE CALLS & CHAT-Now, when it comes to mobile phone video calling apps, what if IMU Messenger doesn’t talk about it? Imo messenger is very common among people. Video calling, chatting and file sharing are much easier here.


IMO how to use Download Imo for free from the Google play store. Now, enter your mobile number and confirm. Enter your name and register in the emu app. Now, as many contacts in your mobile phone are using the imo app on mobile, you will see a “video call icon” in front of their name. You can video chat with them by clicking or taping the video call icon.

Our last words,Guys, if you want to make a video call from your smartphone, no need to do too much. On mobile, download and install one of the 5 apps I have given above and then enjoy live video chatting for free.

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5G Mobile | 10 Best Android Mobile Tips and Tricks (Android tips & tricks)

Android Tips

10 Best Android 5G Mobile Tips and Tricks (Android tips & tricks)

Android Mobile Tips – Today, about 5% of you and people using mobile phones use a smartphone. And, most of the people using that mobile use Android mobile. Android mobile is very common and people are interested to learn some android and work android tips.So, in this article I will share with you, some tips and tricks on the best and essential Android mobiles. The Android mobile tips I have given below have a lot of work to do and you will surely love them.

Top 5 Tips and Tricks for Android Mobile – (Android tips)

Now, some of the mobile tips or tricks I mentioned below may be familiar to you. But, many people may not even know the simple things that water is for us. It is important for all types of people to know them.

5G Mobile

1.Disable unnecessary pre-installed apps

When we buy an Android smartphone, it already has some apps installed that we don’t use. And, these applications take up the internal storage space of our mobile and the battery, storage and processor of the mobile are used as background update or background running.So, to avoid unnecessarily damaging your mobile’s battery and speed, you can leave those pre-installed apps in the Disabled Core.If you disable apps, the apps you don’t need will work, even if you’re on a mobile phone. Apps that do not run while running in the background or using batteries.

2.Restrict background data of apps -Many types of apps on our mobiles use less data in the background or internet. We do not understand the service but using internet in the background, your internet pack ends very quickly and you do not understand the reason.So, by going to the settings option of android mobile and then going to the data usage option, you will see a list of apps that are using most internet data background in mobile.

3.Extend the battery life of the mobile-Do not use on mobile charges. In this, mobile batteries can be badly affected and many fast batteries can be damaged. Moreover, your android mobile will always charge 32% or less and do not use if you charge below 20%.Once fully charged 5%, carefully open the charger from the mobile. Otherwise, the battery is pressurized. If you follow these tips on mobile battery, your Android mobile battery will work well for many years.

4.Free up internal storageWhen the internal storage of our mobile phone is finally coming to an end, when installing some apps, a message of “Low internal storage” appears. As a result, new apps become impossible to install on mobile. Moreover, when the internal storage of the mobile is low or too low, the mobile slows down and in some cases starts to hang.So, using some simple tips, you can increase the internal storage space of your mobile.

Delete unnecessary apps -First of all, delete unnecessary apps from your mobile’s internal storage. Keep the apps you use only on mobile phones.

Shift media to memory card – If your mobile has many videos or music files, transfer them to an external memory card. Only, within Rs.20 you get a 5GB memory card in the market.

Clean apps cache data – Each app stores some space on your mobile as cache data. Therefore, from time to time you will be able to increase the internal storage of mobiles by deleting the cache data. You can save apps in one corner by going to settings >> manage apps or installed apps, then delete the cache on mobile by going to cache delete or delete data option.

5.Reboot your smartphoneThat way, we need to sleep in the body, and when we sleep, we feel fresh and active just like when a restart or reboot is done, it becomes fresh and active again.You will see for yourself, when your mobile hangs up or slows down, restart or reboot it once it starts working again.So, reboot or restart your Android smartphone once a day. As a result, the performance of mobile becomes better.

6.Make smartphone stylish:

Do you know about launcher apps? Various Launcher aaps such as Nova launcher or Go launcher or many other free launcher apps installed on Android mobile can be changed by customizing your smartphone’s LOOKS CUSTOMIZE, icon, home screen and more. You will find thousands of beautiful and interesting themes.

7.Record the screen of the mobile

If you create YouTube tutorial videos, then the process of making screen videos using Android mobile will be very useful for you. By downloading and installing it on your own mobile in the AZ screen recorder or Mobizen screen recorder app on the Google Play Store, you can record as a screen video on android mobile.

8.Use of antivirus apps on mobile

After purchasing an android mobile, we use a variety of apps or files and it is quite common to visit different websites using the internet. But, you know, downloading or using your mobile from an unreliable place of various websites, apps or files on the Internet can infiltrate many types of malware, spyware, adware or Trojan virus into your mobile. So, of course, use a good antivirus app on your Android mobile. So that no harmful virus can be inserted into your mobile from the outside.

  • Root Android mobile Now,

you must have heard talk of rooting android mobile. After rooting the mobile you will be able to use certain types of apps or features on Android mobile that will not work on the mobile without rooting. Moreover, after rooting the mobile you can change its UI (user interface) to make it more attractive. You can install different stock ROMs on mobile. And, you can delete pre-installed apps on mobile.

  1. 10. Use Dual apps feature

Nowadays new Android models have a function called “Dual apps”, “Duplicate app” or “App clone” in the Settings option. Using this feature you can use two apps on a mobile. For example, using two whatsapp accounts on a mobile.

So guys, I hope you like some of the best and urgent tips and tricks on this Android mobile. If you like the article, then you will definitely share.       

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How to learn a computer at home?

Computer technology

How to learn a computer at home? (Easy Computer Education)

Today, many people are doing this question on how to learn a computer. Because today, it’s important to have a computer education to work in any office. If you have no knowledge of how to use or operate a computer, then you may be far behind and as a result, you may face many difficulties in getting a job.Computer education or the knowledge of computers has become such an essential thing today that without it, most jobs are not possible. Therefore, nowadays children are being taught computer from their school.You will understand it when you go to any office or office. Somewhere, Microsoft Excel is doing data entry work, anyone is editing video or pictures, there is tally accounting or software is being used on a computer.Moreover, if you have your own business, you will be able to easily manage your work and calculations using the computer. Then, using a computer today, people are doing different kinds of work in different places and taking their jobs in an easy and straightforward way. Therefore, computers are being used today in every private or government office. And, it’s important to know how to use it to get a job.Finally, if you want to keep yourself updated with today’s era, you must learn your computer. Having learned the knowledge or use of a computer, you can get yourself ready for all sorts of tasks. So, let’s learn about the simple rules or ways of learning how to computer at home.The rules of computer learning are as simple as if you can practice regularly. Below, we will learn about some of the simplest ways to learn computers, which can be used by anyone at home to learn computer lessons at home. 

6 ways to easily learn computer (Learn computer)
One of the best ways to get computer education at home is by doing “internet”. Hey, today the Internet has become a medium of learning that we can use not only on computers, but also on education or knowledge of anything. In this case, I would not be wrong if the Internet called us a gift or a gift. Today, through the Internet, people are learning about computers all in one corner. All you need is a cable, a smartphone and an internet pack. Then, using the various learning methods of the Internet, you can study computer education. I, myself, have learned a lot about computers in this way, and so have you.

Learn about the computer in 7 ways using the Internet
You have an android mobile, of course. If so, you can learn how to use it from running a computer with the following 5 rules I will say below in Internet Pack Active Core. But, first of all you need to know, “what do you want to learn on a computer”. That is, a computer is a machine that operates through various software and hardware. And, there is a lot to learn on the computer. There is no end to education. 

Example:If you have never used a computer before, you must first learn “computer basics”, if you want to do official work data entry or calculation book, then tally, Microsoft excel or any other software. In addition, there are various software jobs, editing jobs, Internet access, DTP, Microsoft office, Photoshop work, OS work, software development, networking, and more.
But, what do you want to learn computer for and what computer course you need to learn, you have to think for yourself and continue your course. Moreover, if you want you can learn from every corner of the house through the Internet. But, if you are brand new, you should first learn the basics of computer.
Once you have basic computer knowledge, you can then learn professional courses in one core. And, of course, you will be able to learn all through the Internet. 

1. Learn computer through YouTube:YouTube is the best way to learn anything online on the Internet. Because, there are hundreds of thousands of tutorial videos on YouTube that you can learn about anything by watching them. Today, JKO can certainly use YouTube to teach computer basics or other computer courses. In it, you can learn the computer and its contents by simply watching the video on the mobile. With YouTube you can learn computer by watching videos in Bengali, Hindi, English and many other languages. Once you search YouTube by typing “Computer Course” or “Computer Basic Course”. You will find many good tutorial videos.
Moreover, Microsoft Office, excel, Photoshop, tally and more can be learned by watching videos. Whatever course you want to learn, search YouTube and learn the video at home online.

2. Computer Tutorial by PDF Just as you can learn about computers by watching online videos, you can download computer ebook files and learn from your computer at home.
In fact, pdf is a file where text and images are used to write about anything, subject or topic. And, then these PDF FILEs are uploaded to the Internet so that people can download and burn knowledge on their contents. In this case, you will find “Computer Course” on the Internet and many PDF tutorials related to the computer by searching Google.They can be downloaded on mobile, by downloading from computer basic and advanced courses on mobile.
3. Online computer learning websites (Online courses) Nowadays in the age of the internet and in this internet age we can learn almost everything as an online course.Once you type in Google search engine, say “Online Computer Course” and look for search. You will find many websites, which will teach you all of the advanced courses from computer to basic courses online for free. Speaking directly in Bangla, you can use some online websites on the Internet to learn computers.
And, some websites have asked you to take your test and give you a certificate. So, if you do not know anything about computers and want to get basic computer knowledge, you can learn about these computers through these online websites at no cost to the core.Name of some online computer learning websites –

1.  GCF Globa

2.  Tutorialspoint.com 

Our last words,

So friends, you can use the methods I said above to learn computer at home by yourself. These mediums are best for general computer knowledge and basic learning. Moreover, if you want, you can take computer training within a few days at the computer class join core. By joining a computer institution or class, you can learn a lot faster and much better. Because, there you will be shown in the Practical core. 

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