how coronavirus affects human body?


how coronavirus affects the human body- As soon as COVID-19 enters the human body, It starts to multiply and beings infecting nearby cells. It’s symptoms often start in the throat. With a sore throat and even dry cough.

From the throat, the virus crawls down to bronchial tubes and reaches our lungs. Inside the lungs, it damages Alveoli. The function of Alveoli is to supply oxygen to the blood. And take out the carbon dioxide molecules. COVID-19 makes it harder for alveoli to coronavirus affects the human body.

Which usually results in trouble breathing and the patient must be put on a ventilator. This virus also causes swelling in the lungs. Which can cause them to fill with fluid, pus & dead cells? In the worst cases of COVID-19, Lungs gets filled with so much fluid that breathing support doesn’t help & the patient dies. Also, read What is coronavirus | How we protect ourselves from Coronavirus?

How does coronavirus actually kill people?

In light of the new deadly strain coronavirus that has reported infected two and half thousand individuals ( and counting) and cause deaths. The coronavirus is a large family of viruses that replicate using RNA. That typically infects respiratory-related cells in the body. These cells line our respiratory tract all the way from our names to our throat, down to our lungs. Which can definitely give you an indication of the symptoms that you may have such as the runny nose, sneezing, cough, and shortness of breath? Now, these may like your typical symptoms of the common cold.

Which is caused by a typical, non-lethal, and docile strain of coronavirus. Other systemic symptoms include fevers, headaches because the body is trying to fight off a systemic infection. In severe cases, there may be a lot of difficulty with breathing due to the damage that the virus causes. On the lining of the lungs tracts, especially down in the alveoli. Alveoli are super important for oxygen exchange, from the blood we breathe into our bloodstream. Now with all this fluid, it’s harder to exchange oxygen. Because that exchange needs very fine, a thin layer for the diffusion of oxygen to occur. In addition, many of the respiratory cells higher up from the alveoli contain cilia on their surface, which are kind of like tails that keep our lungs clear of any small bacteria or particles. And this means bacteria are more prone to make their way down into your lungs causing secondary bacterial pneumonia or a superimposed bacteria infection. how coronavirus affects human body. And finally, it can cause your death.

So, it’s going to be super important to continue to wash your hands, wear a mask if you feel like someone in the office or you feel like you’re sick because we definitely don’t want anymore spread of any virus especially in cities that it’s already been reported in. stay home, stay safe.

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