You all probably know that it is possible to earn money online. But many of people do not know how to make money online. Below are some reliable ways to make sure you earn money online.

Make money online or make money offline, no technique has been invented yet that will make you rich overnight. You woke up and became a millionaire. Friends, this can only happen in the case of lotteries. Moreover, no matter what you say about income, it can only be through hard work. More you work, more you can earn. So first of all get rid of the idea that you started earning money online today and within 10 days millions of rupees came out. Yes, one day you will be able to make millions money online. But it requires a lot of hard work, fresh ideas, time and skill. So in a word, if you can work hard, give a lot of time and be patient, then you will think about making money online. Otherwise your time may just be wasted.

Reliable Ways to Make Money Online

  • YouTube
  • Websites or Blogs
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Fiverr.Com or other freelancing marketplaces
  • sorting links.


It is possible to make a good amount of money from YouTube. YouTube is gaining popularity day by day for making money online. A lot of people are making a lot of money from YouTube, and you can too if you want. If you have a popular YouTube channel and if it has thousands of subscribers and if your videos have a lot of good views, you can make good money from YouTube. Now what is YouTube, I am not discussing this topic. Because can’t find anyone who doesn’t know YouTube.

When you upload a video to YouTube, the ad will be show with your video. This ad shows another service of Google through Google AdSense. From YouTube you need to apply to Google AdSense for ads. But don’t worry. They will approve very soon your application, and ads will start appearing on your uploaded video. There are many ad providers company in Google AdSense. Those who pay Google. Google will pay you a percentage of that money and Google will keep the rest to yourself.

YouTube is a great way to make money online. But it will only be good for you when you have a big channel. Where there will be many subscribers and many will like the videos you create. You have to work hard, spend a lot of time and be proficient in your work to create big channels and many subscribers. If you can make a lot of good videos, show your ideas to the whole world, if you can present well and edit videos then YouTube can be a great way for you to make money.

You can create any type of video. Be it a tutorial, technology talk or a cooking show. You can make any kind of video that you like to make. Show those videos to the world. If the videos are good, people will like them and subscribe to your channel. Many will watch your video and you will be able to earn more slowly.


Another reliable place to earn money online is a website or blog. If you have a website or a blog, and if your website or blog has enough visitors, you can make a lot of money. There are many ways to earn money by having a website or blog and having enough visitors with it. However, my first choice as a means of income is Google AdSense.

I have already mentioned about Google AdSense. This is an ad publishing company. You can monitor the content of your blog or website with AdSense. Google will share with you one percent of the money earned from ads. But you will need some great content. As much as people like and view your content, the more you can earn from ads.

There are many more ad publishing companies besides Google AdSense. Those who have a much better rate. If you want, you can also earn good money by using ads from other ad publishing companies. You can also make money by promoting any product on your website. Moreover, another popular way to make money from websites or blogs is affiliate marketing. Below is a detailed discussion of affiliate marketing.

So create your own website or blog without delay. Then share your posts or content with the world. Nowadays, a website can be made with just one thousand rupees. Too much can cost 2-3 thousand rupees. You can use Google’s Blogger service if you want. It’s completely free. Keep blogging by creating blogs with Blogger, create lots of good unique content. Then there you can link to Google AdSense and make money.

Affiliate marketing:

All the online shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart, or Snapdeal have affiliate marketing facilities. Affiliate marketing is a system where you can invite your friends or family or visitors to your site to buy a product. If they accept the invitation and buy the product you are referring to, you can earn some money from there.

So this is definitely a good way to make money online. You can become an affiliate member of Amazon. Then you can choose the product as you wish, from there you will be given a link. You can share that link on your YouTube channel or website or blog or Facebook. If a buyer buys that product by clicking on that link, you will get his commission from there.

Through affiliate marketing, you can refer to almost everything from books, mobile phones, electronic content. If you have an excellent platform for publicity, be it your YouTube channel or your website, or your Facebook page. Then you can earn good money by sharing your affiliate link and selling the product through that platform.


Fiverr is a site where you can provide any service if it is possible to reach that service online. For example: website design, graphics design, logo design, WordPress development or video editing, etc. If you specialize in this type of work, you can create an account at Fiverr.Com. There you can sell your work.

The most convenient thing is that the price of each job here is a minimum of 5 dollars. Moreover, you can make different packages according to the rules of your work. And you can set different prices for them. When the customer will come and request you for his work. You will explain the work to him within 2-3 days. Then from there, Fiverr will deduct a little money and give you almost the whole money.

There are also many reliable freelancing marketplaces online. For example: freelancer, upwork etc. You can create an account by opening an account in those freelancing marketplaces. Then you have to apply for the job of your choice from the thousands of jobs available in the marketplace or the jobs that you can do. The job provider can check your profile and give you the job if he like you. In Freelancing Marketplace you can get an hourly contract and a fixed price job. And it is possible to make a lot of money from there.

Link short:

Notice that the some user sorts the link and posts it in different places. By sorting links, you can make big website links smaller. So many websites provide this service to sort this link. Among them and But you can’t make money using these. There are other websites on the internet like or etc., they will pay you to sort the links.

When you sort your big links through them and share them in different places, if someone enters that link, he will see an ad page before going to the desired link. And he can go to the desired link by skipping the ad page. And or will pay you for this.

Here are 5 reliable ways to make money online, I hope everyone will benefit. You can earn a lot of money through these ways according to your work and hard work. Making money is not easy anywhere in real life or online. There are also many ways to earn money online, but some of them are reliable and some of them temporary. So if you want to work online, choose any of the above reliable.  Stay tuned SUPPORT US!! Techvarieties


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