What Will Happen on 29 April 2020

What Will Happen on 29 April 2020?

What Will Happen on 29 April 2020? We all know about Asteroid and We already hear about coming 29 April. An asteroid measuring over 4 km in diameter in close in the earth on the comming date 29 April. what is going on to happen on 29 April 2020? Can the Asteroid destroy the world?

yes, the Asteroid this size is capable of ending human civilization if it hits us. It’s being always monitored closely by Nasa. The last time there has an Armageddon Warning was last month. The rock, called 2020 CH, measuring between 22 to 55 meters in diameter passed close to the earth. But the world didn’t end. Armageddon’s next date with earth and its creatures is April 29, 2020.

Meanwhile, the earth will continue witnessing more such events this year. Second in the line is Asteroid 136795 (1997 BQ). It’s traveling at 42,000 km/h and it is 1 km wide. A 100-meter wide asteroid passed just 70,000 km from the earth in April of 2019. An asteroid was expected to hit the earth on September 9, 2019. But as the date approached, the asteroid was nowhere to be found. Such reports or an asteroid colliding with earth are common. They create unnecessary panic in the public.


WHAT WILL HAPPEN ON April 29, 2020

We should always believe the credible sources for such events. Let’s hope that this one is a close brush, at worst.

NASA warned that the Asteroid 52768 that found in 1997 BQ could hit Earth in April 2020 and cause catastrophic danger. The asteroid will be approaching Earth and are expected to fly really close to our planet.

But now NASA is saying that the asteroid can not hit the world. It will pass the world nearly. But we need to be always careful.

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